Five Upcoming Appearances for Michael Dante – 2017

Michael Dante Appearances 2017

‘The Naked Kiss’ Documentary – July 2017 – Michael Dante is one of the Special Guests for a filming by Plausible Films of ‘The Greatest Cult Films of All Time.’ It will be the most definitive documentary ever made about Cult Films, tracing the history of Cult Films from the theatrical and midnight circuits through the Home Video Era, right up to today’s streaming technologies. The documentary will feature an elite group of amazing films, with discussions about their impact on the movie industry, as well as the pop culture. Directors, writers, producers and stars from these films will be interviewed. ‘The Naked Kiss’ is one of the greatest cult films of all time.

Cowboy Lunch at the Autry Museum – July 2017 – Michael Dante is one of the Special Guest Star Speakers at the Gene Autry Museum of the American West Cowboy Lunch in Los Angeles, CA. The best westerns are filled with the recognizable faces of great characters – those who deliver memorable lines and look good in a cowboy hat, spurs and six-gun. Hear stories from stars and filmmakers in The Autry – Wells Fargo Theater. Rob Word will be hosting and filming the event for his ‘A Word on Westerns’ lecture series.

Gloversville, NY – Hall of Fame Museum – August 2017 – Michael Dante will be inducted into the Fulton County Baseball and Sports Hall of Fame at Parkhurst Field in Gloversville, NY. The induction will take place at a Vintage Baseball Game played between the Whately Pioneers of western Massachusetts and the A, J, & G’s of Fulton County. Michael will be the manager of the A, J, & G’s team during the game. Michael Dante was a bonus ball player signed by the Boston Braves and played for the Gloversville Gloves; one of the minor league teams he played for. Later, Michael went to spring training with the Washington Senators in the big leagues, before he became an actor. Mike Hauser, the founder of the Fulton County Baseball & Sports Hall of Fame will host the event.

Trekonderoga Weekend– Star Trek Convention – August 2017 – Michael Dante is one of the Special Guest Stars invited to the Star Trek Convention in Ticonderoga, NY, hence the name, ‘Trekonderoga.’ The celebrity guests in addition to Michael Dante are Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Lee Meriwether, Charlie Brill, Barbara Luna and Mary Linda Rapelye. Fans come from all over the country to meet their favorite actors and actresses from the classic series. Michael Dante played the role of Maab in Episode #32, Friday’s Child with Julie Newmar. It is a fan favorite and the fans love meeting ‘Maab.’ They can quote all of Michael’s lines from the episode and enjoy reliving the show with him. Star Trek fans are the most loyal and the best. Live Long and Prosper!

Reel Cowboys – Silver Spur Awards – Sept. 2017 – Michael Dante is one of the Special Guests attending the Reel Cowboys 20th Anniversary of the Silver Spur Awards. The event will be held at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City, CA. The Silver Spur Awards honor members of the entertainment industry who have portrayed the stories of the west in movies and television. The honorees are selected by their peers. Profits have provided needy funding to worthy charities throughout the past 20 years. In addition to the Awards presentation, a silent auction and gourmet dinner will be included. A wonderful evening for all! Michael Dante received his Silver Spur Award in 2006.